The absolute highlight at the WTO booth during the EMO was the new quick change system “QuickFlex®” which was introduced with an impressive show. Customers and visitors were excited about this new innovative product. As a toolholder with ER collet chuck and quick change capability this system combines unique benefits.

The unique advantage of QuickFlex® is to start with a minimal investment. The customer can clamp the cutting tools directly in the toolholder using a standard ER collet. That means you can start with what you need first and buy later quick change adapters when you would like to add the quick change function.


Right hand picture:

QuickFlex® straight and right angle drill/milling units (including both sides) and samples of different available adapter versions displayed in a rack. Further the starter set case with collet chuck adapter, Weldon/Whistle Notch adapter, combination arbor adapter, one-hand-wrench and spanner wrench.

Left hand picture:

BMT turret disk and toolholders from WTO with a new patent applied turret interface which an extremely high repeatability accuracy of max. +/- 5 µm at 200 mm.


The fast and safe change of the QuickFlex® adapters with the one-hand-wrench (patent pending) convinced customers and visitors.



Please find additional information to QuickFlex® and the download of the catalog.